Saturday, July 29, 2017

Can you find the music in these paintings? From MarilynsCanvas

I’ve started adding pieces of my 7th grade piano music to my paintings.  Sounds a bit strange, but it’s actually a beautiful thing.  Like, “Waltz,”and “Come Mia Bella,” and “Children’s Dance” with snippets of music notes.  Floating through, they add interest, whimsy, and delight.  Recapturing a part of my past and bringing it into the present.  Reminding me of how much joy there is in music and painting.  How sweet it is to see the creative arts mix and mingle.  Telling a story.

My Dad played the violin and I’ve also added a few pictures of violins to my paintings, as in “Lady in Orange.”  It’s such a fun and warm way to remember and pay a tribute to him, to his influence on me.  We had a lot of music in the house growing up.  Thanks, Dad.

 Calling all music lovers.  At my recent art fair, I had a number of people notice the music in my paintings.  One man insisted on looking up, “Dreaming O/P 4,” which appears in my painting, “Wedding Confetti,” and googling it to find it origins. A piano teacher asked to buy it because she loved the painting and the piano music in the painting.  How nice.  I was really touched.   Unfortunately, I can’t sing.  So, not sure if I’ll add singers to future paintings.  But surely, there are more notes to come.

Samples of music in my paintings: “Children’s Dance, from Hansel and Gretel” appears in Spring Bouquet…View it HERE

 “Dreaming OP 9/4” appears in Wedding Confetti: View it HERE

“Waltz from Serenade for Strings” in La Fleur: View it HERE

Violins appear in" Lady in Orange" View it HERE

"Come Mia Bella" -View it HERE

View all of my work at

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